In 1963 Louis Prima fulfilled one of his lifelong dreams, "Prima Magnagroove Records," his own recording studio and record company. These recordings encompass his career and music from 1963 to 1975. Louis always moved with the times, not so much in his style but by adding new, young talent to his band "The Witnesses." Maintaining Sam Butera as his cohort enabled Louis to provide audiences with a diverse variety of talent, music and fun at every performance. With this formula, Louis stayed the number one nightclub attraction in Las Vegas and around the country!

27 years after his last performance, his music is still alive and in demand, so fasten your seatbelts and get ready for more of the "wildest" ride through Louis' beloved, "Prima" label recordings! Now for the first time in over 25 years, available on CD!!!!

The first "Prima" album. Recorded live at the Sahara Hotel, Las Vegas. "Solitude" and "Las Vegas Woman" are Louis at his best; Sam's "Greenback Dollar Bill" is hilarious; Louis and Gia's "You'll Never Get Away" has the audience roaring!

"KING OF CLUBS" - 1964
Louis certainly proves again, that he is the king of clubs!! This album was recorded live at Harrah's Club, Reno and Lake Tahoe. Louis does a new medley of "Them There Eyes" and "Old Man River" and Sam tops his "Night Train" with a wailing version of "Blues in the Night." You'll have some laughs with Louis and Gia on "Dinga Won't Ding". . . . .

Originally recorded for Hanna-Barbera, this CD contains new versions of some of Louis' favorites. Pay particular attention to the arrangement on "Josephina," what a swinger! By the way, Louis was the singing voice of Fred Flintstone in the movie feature "A Man Called Flintstone."

Truly a gold star CD!! Track after track of perfection!! "I'm Confessin'," the finest vocal performance and trumpet solo by Louis, ever!! He makes the trumpet talk. This album introduces Louis' brilliant new star, "Little Richie," on Hammond B-3 with Leslie Speaker, hands and feet of fire and a personality to match!!! Louis does the "Story 'Bout the Dog," the only time recorded, "I Wanna Be Like You" from Disney's "Jungle Book," and last but not least, Sam introduces his new amplifier, with octave splitter. What a smooth mellow sound.

This CD displays the respect that Louis, Sam and The Witnesses receive as skilled musicians and performers but as always, keeps the sense of humor with the introduction of the Italian Troubador, Rolly Dee (Rolando Disgraziato D'orio). Sam's "New Sorrento" is sensational, guitarist Ronnie James rocks with "Oh Happy Day." Louis outdoes himself with "As Times Goes By," "It's Impossible," and "Cold Cold Heart."

"ANGELINA" - 1973
This will be a big seller not only in the Italian community, but for the collector. It is the first time Louis puts all his Italian novelties on one CD. Recorded in 1973, he dedicated it to his mother, Angelina. "For Mariyooch," " Bacciagaloop," "Oh Marie," "Felicia No Capicia."

"GIGOLO" AND "THIS IS GIA" - 1973 - 1965
A truly mellow Louis from "Gigolo" to "Judy" and "Caldonia," you'll love every minute of it!! Violins that will melt your heart and a voice like an angel, "This is Gia!" Our favorites, "Lost," "After You," "Funny Valentine," "Tender is the Night". . . .

"THE WILDEST 75" - 1975
This is the last recording Louis made before entering a surgery induced coma in October of 1975. He remained in that coma until his death, August 24, 1978. His last single released off this album will haunt your heart, entitled, "I'm Leaving You." During the years of his coma and until his death, the radio stations in New Orleans, his hometown, filled the airways with this song. It became their most requested song.

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