"Greatest act in show business today."
Ed Sullivan

"Man for man, and pound for pound, it is the greatest musical organization in the world."
Danny Thomas

"You must see the Prima show more than once, otherwise you've missed something."
Earl Wilson

"Including Prima, there are seven people, and all stars."
Walter Winchell

"One of the all time greats in the entertainment world."
Hank Greenspun, Las Vegas Sun

"Louis Prima broke every existing record in our clubs in Reno and Lake Tahoe."
Bill Harrah, Harrah's Clubs

"Louis Prima surpasses any other attraction, and broke every record."
Irving Pollack, Newport Hotel, Miami Beach, FL

"Louis Prima received a standing ovation at every show, and broke every record."
Frank Palumbo, Palumbo's, Philadelphia

"Louis Prima broke all records for us and we were sold out two months in advance."
Cherry's, Niles, Ohio

"Louis Prima shattered every record in the Rainbow Grill."
Tony Cabot, Rainbow Grill, New York City

"A genuine American night club act, in the grand tradition of Louis Prima, a natural comedian, led him company of wild musicians for more than one hour of triumphant tumult. . .This act is so fresh, it looks as if he is making it up as he goes along. . .Pandemonium reigned - so did Prima."
Gene Knight, New York critic

"No gimmicks, no tricks, no alterations---nothing but TALENT!"
Forrest Duke, Daily Variety

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